JungKook's Solo-Album soll am 14. Juli erscheinen - Seoul-Mate

JungKook's solo album is set to be released on July 14th

According to a report from Sports Chosun, JungKook (from BTS ) will release his debut solo album on July 14th. The album will feature English-language b-sides, and solo singer Jungkook is expected to explore the world.

Jungkook has already demonstrated his skills as a solo artist by presenting solo songs such as "Still With You" and "My You" via SoundCloud and the webtoon "7FATES: CHAKHO" soundtrack "Stay Alive", as well as the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup theme song "Dreamers" sang.

The solo album is expected to garner widespread attention from fans worldwide. Expectations are high as to what other charms the solo album, which is only filled with Jungkook's voice, will have.

Jungkook has already set a new record of 600 million streams for the shortest time among K-pop soloists on Spotify with his collaboration song "Left and Light" with American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth. He also racked up 1 billion streams on Spotify among K-pop solo artists with three songs including "Left and Light", "Stay Alive" and "Dreamers" and was included in "Guinness World Records".

Other BTS members have successfully completed their solo activities, such as Jimin with his album FACE or SUGA under the name of Agust D with D-DAY .

And Jungkook will also officially hold a glamorous solo initiation ceremony. Further information about the album is not yet known.

Where to buy JungKook's solo album?

You can order JungKook's solo album from the German K-Pop online shop Seoul-Mate and have it delivered straight to your home just a few weeks after the Korean release.

You don't have to pay any customs duties and you even get free shipping from a purchase value of 59 euros.

As soon as the album is available for pre-order, you will receive more information here.

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Sources: Kpop-magazin.de , Naver.com


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