ONEUS – Binary Code Mini-Album Vol. 5
ONEUS – Binary Code Mini-Album Vol. 5 One Version
ONEUS – Binary Code Mini-Album Vol. 5 Zero Version
ONEUS – Binary Code Mini-Album Vol. 5
ONEUS – Binary Code Mini-Album Vol. 5
ONEUS – Binary Code Mini-Album Vol. 5

ONEUS – Binary Code (5th Mini Album)

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Ravn, Seoho, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, Leedo, and Xion are back!

With «Binary Code» , the six guys from the boy band ONEUS bring you five fresh tracks, new goodies and lots of photos to marvel at.

This mini album was released in the Zero and One versions. Of course you can find both versions with us. The scope of delivery is listed below.

buy now ONEUS' fifth mini-album «Binary Code» at your K-Pop shop!

Scope of delivery:

  • CD
  • Cover box (15 x 19.3cm)
  • Photo book, 96 pages
  • Folded lyrics poster
  • Large photo card (1 of 6 motifs)
  • Photo card (1 of 6 motifs)

Listen to ONEUS' fifth mini-album «Binary Code» on Spotify.

The music video for ONEUS' theme song " binary code " watch on youtube:

Check out ONEUS' 5th mini-album " Binary Code " in the unboxing video:

  • CD
  • Cover-Box (15 x 19,3cm)
  • Fotobuch, 96-seitig
  • Gefaltetes Lyrics-Poster
  • Große Fotokarte (1 aus 6 Motiven)
  • Fotokarte (1 aus 6 Motiven)

May 12, 2021

  1. BLACK MIRROR (Titelsong)
  2. Connect with US
  3. Polarity
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. Valkyrie (Rock ver.)

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